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What Online Marketing Tools in China you can use?

Online Marketing China.

author: Olivier Verot The internet has developed for almost 20 years since it was setup in 1994 in China, but there is still no fixed mode of marketing. Because it changes just that quickly! Now, both local Chinese companies and foreign companies are putting more effort in developing.
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European Commission and METI-funded support activities in Japan and in the EU for EU companies – Call for applications

The EU-Japan Centre is currently inviting applications for the below-mentioned activities in Japan and in the EU financed either by the European Commission or by the Japanese Government. 

1. World Class Manufacturing - 5-day training mission in Japan For EU managers working in manufacturing companies: in-depth analysis of.
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10 key factors of success for E-Commerce in China
E-commerce in China is estimated to exceed 5000 billion RMB in 2015. With 145 million e-shoppers and an annual increase of 30 million new users, China E-commerce is taking more and more share in the global e-commerce market. What are the key factors for E-Commerce business.
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Feasibility of the Business Idea

  1. Is your business idea a good one?
  2. Analyse the business idea
  3. Market analysis
  4. Competitive advantage analysis
  5. Financial feasibility analysis

Is your business idea a good one?

There is no magic answer to this question. Experience has shown that some of the most bizzare ideas ,such as the concept of a personal computer.
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