Selling products in China. Part III. 4P
To market their products and services successfully in China, companies will have to adapt their marketing tactics. The Chinese buyer will not have the same perspective as their European counterparts regarding the value proposition of the product, the places that it can be sold, how it can be priced and the way.
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5-day World Class Manufacturing training mission (WCM) to Japan
The 5-day World Class Manufacturing training mission (WCM) provides an in-depth analysis of Japanese manufacturing methodology and is aimed exclusively at EU Executives and Managers with knowledge of WCM and an engineering background. It assists the participants to acquire a better understanding of TQC (Total Quality Control), TQM.
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Top 10 Marketing Campaigns in China in 2013
  In 2013, competition between Chinese brands were extremely aggressive. Some brands provoked the war, some were forced to confront. As for old enemies like Wang Lao Ji and Jia Duo Bao, they already got used to combating with each other. Social media rose to.
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