How WhatsApp could make a boatload of money
Last year, messaging app WhatsApp generated just $20 million in revenue So why did Facebook just buy it for $19 billion? One reason of many: Facebook is very aware of the success Chinese company Tencent has had developing its own messaging app, WeChat (微信.
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Online advertising in China
Advertising grows generally in China at high speed. Indeed, the advertising market is expected to grow 10.7% this year to 430 billion yuan (53 billion euros) . Television should represent 51 % of advertising spending; mobile advertising is expected to grow rapidly, given that this year.
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The mobile applications market in China
DEVELOPING APPS FOR ANDROID AND IOS IN CHINA In March 2013 China surpassed the US in terms of Android and IOS active installations, which makes China the biggest market in the world. For app companies the things also changed in China in 2012 when.
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